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My story


Today I speak to you as a graduated manager and psychologist. I have worked in multinational corporations in France and Belgium, as well as in psychiatric clinics in Belgium. It is the experience in the field that has taught me much in life. It made me realize that we can achieve anything, but not everything.

Simplicity and modesty are the way to go. Proceed in small steps and enjoy achievements, that may seem imperceptible on the outside.

At present, I still work as a coach and mediator with individual working experience. My work also extends into a multinational corporation where I am active in the field of psychopathology at work (occupational disease). I introduce a different perspective to resolving difficult, human situations the employees and their leadership face every day.

According to one French study, present-day managers spend up to 57% of their time dealing with “human fate and conflict” in a department, or among several of them.

That is exactly why I decided to initiate Dreamcatcher, a program built to support personality development and mental health for individual, as well as business clients.

Dreamcatcher is a very symbolic title. It does not only represent protection from negative energy and nightmares (not only work-related ones), but also offers advice on how people can transform their dreams and desires into reality. This is especially designed for this hectic age, in which people only scroll through Instagram (oh what a paradox!).

I want to offer a slight pause and utilize this moment to reflect, self-reflect, ask questions, and re-evaluate situations, that we all go through. I want us to turn them into something capable of moving us forward.

I am not implying that life is always amazing, even though it often is. Through certain sacrifice and suffering, it is possible for us to work our way towards the “amazing” in our life, because it is in those moments, that we are the closest to ourselves.

So, together, let us try to stop for a while, put aside arrogant advice (5 years until…, 4 points until….), and sit down and say: “I have a meeting with MYSELF.”



Institute of Psychopathology of Work, Paris (FR)

One-year post-graduation extension of education that focuses on the study of mental illness from work (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bullying at work, burnout syndrome, and boredom syndrome etc.).


Faculty of Psychoanalytical Therapy, Aix-en-Provence (FR)

Two-year studies of individual psychoanalytical therapy.


Orsys Paris, Mediation at work, Paris (FR)

Training focusing on resolving conflict in the work environment.


Chantal Motto Consulting, Paris (FR)

Corporate constellations. Method of solving problems and dynamics in the team.


Mosaik International coaching school, Paris (FR)



Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

Diploma in clinical psychology with specialization in children and adolescents.


École Superieure de Commerce, Reims (FR)



Economic University, Bratislava (SK)

Marketing and trade

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