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Martina Matúšová

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Martina Matúšová, the woman behind the development of the Dreamcatcher program: “I have been working with people in Slovakia and abroad for over ten years, especially in France and Belgium. I hear out countless life stories through my work. I graduated in clinical psychology and work as coach, conflict mediator, as well as a manager in a multinational corporation. Despite all this experience and knowledge, I consider my ability to observe and perceive that, which is hidden deep within us, to be my greatest talent. I find that to be the most intriguing thing: to be the discoverer and conqueror of the beauty that lies dormant somewhere in our deepest depths.”


Grasp your dreams and make them reality

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1. THE PROGRAM TO BETTER HANDLE YOUR LIFE, no matter if you are an individual a business, an employee, a manager, or a woman in the household, everyone encounters certain problems at certain times. Problems are a part of our life. My goal is to help you turn them into an opportunity for growth. 

2. MY BRAND for all consulting and coaching services that I offer.

3. THE CATCHER OF NEGATIVE ENERGY that accumulates around us in the form of troubles in the work environment, relationships, family, years of looking for answers to unanswered questions; anxiety and fears, stress, sadness, depression, or even the feeling, that you will not make it through.

4. A TOOL TO HELP TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY if you have the desire or need to change your 

career, behavior patterns, or learn to better handle your relationship. Perhaps you have been wanting to try something new, but do not have the courage to take the big step.

5. BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT because faith is our motive force for a better tomorrow.

So do not hesitate, let us grasp YOUR dreams! 

Grasp your dreams!

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Koceľova 945/17, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia


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