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Private clients

I often experience people coming into my office and not completely understanding what coaching really is. Silence, nervous smiles, eyes filled with questions, and perhaps doubts about “why am I here?” often settle in.

However, coming into the meeting is already a huge step and 50% of the problem at hand is solved. Yes! It is necessary to find the courage to share your problems with a stranger and admit to yourself, that you can no longer solve them alone. Most importantly, wanting to find a solution is vital. This “want” is the motive force that will show us the way, not only to a psychologist, but primarily to our self. It is a great display of self-love: “I care about me!”

There are problems and problems, and questions attached to them. The way in which we grasp the problem depends on these questions.

It does not matter if you come alone or as a family, I am here for you as a helping hand in finding the most suitable way to solve your specific situation.


During our sessions we ask HOW: “How can we get out of this or that situation?”, “How can we do, say, or communicate this?”. Together, we search for the most appropriate ways out of the discussed situations in the present.


Psychological counseling

During our sessions we discuss WHY: “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why do I keep repeating the same “mistakes”?”,” Why do I act this way in these situations?”, “Why do I always opt for the same type of partner?”. In this case, we delve deeper, looking for the roots and reasons in our past (our childhood, roles of parents etc.).
Through understanding the connections, we can find our way to something better.

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