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What exactly is coaching?

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While a few years ago, coaching was only accessible to high-ranking bosses, today it is available for almost everyone. However, many people often do not know, what coaching consists of.

It is a combination of individual counseling, personal feedback, and practice-oriented training, which aims for professional or personal development. Coaching is a creative collaborative process involving the coach and the client equally, where we “provoke” our thinking and inspire to reach maximum potential.

Through questions, the coach searches for solutions with the client. Coaching is the ability to ask the right questions at the right time, and not only to unlock the conscious of the client, but the subconscious as well. These questions can be the kind that the client does not know how to ask or does not want to ask.

How would my clients describe it? Some of them claim, that it is the perfect meeting, others see it as courage to look at things from a different angle or finding a hidden talent. For many people coaching presents endless possibilities of finding solutions and creates space where clients can be true to themselves.

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